Arbe Robotics’ radar is the industry’s first ever SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) that provides automotive with real time full 4D mapping. With the ability to detect obstacle distance, velocity and direction within a range of 300 meters in high resolution, Arbe Robotics makes any vehicle fully autonomous.

Our groundbreaking ultra-low C-SWAP (Cost, Size, Weight, And Power) Radar based on a unique mathematical approach. Our product consists of a sensing module, processing unit and a unique patented processing code.


  • Obstacle Detect Range – 300m

  • Range Accuracy – 10-30m

  • Beam Width – <10 (Azimuth)

  • Field of view – 800

  • Ultra High Resolution

  • Effective day and night, in any weather

Arbe Robotics’ platform serves the Automotive, Drone, and Robotics industries

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We are a team of technologists, radar specialists and scientists, committed to transforming the vision of Autonomous into reality, making it part of everyone’s daily life.

Kobi Marenko


Kobi is a successful entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in leading technology and media startups from seed stage to acquisition. Kobi was the Founder and President of Taptica, a mobile DSP acquired by Marimedia, and Founder and CEO of Logia, a mobile content platform acquired by Mandalay Digital.

Noam Arkind, PhD


Noam has over 10 years of experience in R&D and holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the Robotics Lab in Weizmann Institute of Science. Prior to Arbe Robotics, Noam led the algorithm development at Taptica and the Space IL control system.

Oz Fixman


Oz is responsible for managing products at Arbe Robotics. Oz was the Lead Data Scientist and Product Manager of the algorithm at Taptica, and has extensive knowledge of big data and machine learning platforms.

Amos Baron

VP Hardware

Amos is an RF expert with more than 30 years of experience in the field. In the 8 years prior to Arbe Robotics, Amos led radar development at Rada. His professional portfolio includes additional leading Israeli companies such as Tadiran, Elisra, Elta and Wireless Online.

Ronit Fuchs, PhD

Head of Research & Algorithm

With 25 years of professional experience in computers, technology, and mathematics, I am an accomplished mathematical theorist with several publications and lecture credits. Combining vast knowledge in brain research, statistics, machine learning, and big data analysis I am an expert at capturing the central questions of a problem and coming up with innovative and simple solutions.

Yoram Stettiner, Eng.Sc.D.

VP R&D at ArbeRobotics

Yoram is a Signal Processing PhD with 35 years of R&D experience, with expertise in RTLS Radio Location and Tracking Systems, Array Processing, Sensor Fusion, Speech Signal Processing, and VoIP.

Yoram has held various leadership positions at eight startups from foundation or early stage, out of which five have gone public or were being acquired.

Bill Latino

Sr. Director of Sales

Bill is a seasoned business development and sales executive with over 30 years experience in the semiconductor industry. Prior to joining Arbe Robotics, Bill has spent the last ten years developing markets and building strategic customer relationships for a number of successful startups and businesses. Bill’s experience in the semiconductor industry includes leading and managing global account sales organizations for both Altera and Xilinx.

Prof. Anthony Weiss

Professor Anthony Weiss is leading the radar algorithm design at Arbe Robotics. He is an international leader in signal processing and array processing and currently presides as the head of the International Engineering Program at Tel-Aviv University.