Full Stack SAR Imaging Radar System

Hi-Res. Low C-SWAP.

Our patented SAR mapping radar is the first to provide

automotive with real time 4D mapping

Based on a unique mathematical approach, our product consists of a sensing module, processing unit and a patented processing code.
The system provides extremely high resolution at long, mid and short ranges in both azimuth and elevation, and outputs an image of the environment in a point-cloud format at up to 50 times per second.
Our patented SLAM platform creates a full map at 25 times per second, while the algorithm accurately localizes the car, classifies and tracks objects on the map. Along with its high resolution detection of obstacles up to 300 meters –

Our product makes any vehicle fully autonomous.

What’s Included?

A turnkey solution from chip to cloud


This full stack SAR imaging radar is the only technology available for level-5 full autonomous driving.

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